My name is Tara and I have 2 daughters on the spectrum. I’ve often found it hard for people who don’t have children with special needs to understand how my life is different than theirs – I can’t necessarily go hang out at the bar til 2a just because it’s a Friday night.

When my girls were much younger and their autism more pronounced those with neurotypical kids couldn’t understand why mine couldn’t attend birthday parties, movie theaters, theme parks or other large social events. The crowds and noise were too much for them.

Eventually my friends fell by the wayside until we only interact on Facebook. Ironically now that my girls are much older and their autism is less pronounced, through intense therapy and education, we could actually accept the invitations that don’t come anymore.

Over the last few years as I spent my time concentrating more fully to help my kids I became more isolated. People without special needs kids don’t understand the demands and those with have just as much on their plate. I once had access to a great support network but when we moved to get better help for the kids I lost that and I’ve tried so hard to find that again but instead I ended up becoming even more isolated.

It’s why I created this group so other parents with special needs kids whether it’s autism, blindness, deafness, down syndrome, whatever challenge makes them unique and beautiful can find a place where someone is listening.

If you’re in the North Texas area you can hit me to have a cup of coffee to unload on an empathetic ear 🙂